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    School Profile

    Kildare School is an elementary school located in northeast Edmonton which has been in operation since 1968. The school has a tradition of excellence in all areas of learning and it is a pleasure to welcome you as a member of our school population. Kildare School provides programming for students in Kindergarten to Grade 6.

    The school serves a broad range of students needs and is a designated site for a Chinese Mandarin Bilingual Program as well as an English Core Program. Kildare's attendance area for the Bilingual Program (K to 6) is east of 82nd Street and north of the North Saskatchewan River. However, only students living on the north side of the river and east of Wayne Gretzky Drive are eligible for school bus transportation to Kildare School.

    Successful operation of a school requires the cooperation and understanding of everyone concerned: teachers, students, and parents. As citizens of Kildare School, students will face both the problems and benefits of life in a small community. Each of us is responsible for doing our part to make it the type of community in which we can live and work together in harmony. We must learn to respect the strengths and weaknesses of others, to communicate our wishes and intentions to each other and to carry out our responsibilities by doing our tasks to the best of our abilities.

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Principal's Message

The teachers, the students and the parents share both a great enthusiasm and high expectations for the educational process which shall move us progressively forward in meeting the needs of our young people.

It is our hope that through the best teaching and learning that we can provide our school can fulfill the highest expectations of our society: the intellectual growth and social development of all of our students.

Our society fully expects that we will foster the growth and development for every student by supporting their journey from early learning through high school completion and the teaching and learning that go on within this school are the activities which promote this progress.  Other than with their families, there is no other arena of human endeavor in which our students are given, and exposed to, such a full, wide and satisfying range of absorbing activities. 

Our school opens the door to the future.  There is the sure knowledge that our students, through their successive yearly achievements as they advance from one grade to the next, will move onward and forward into further accomplishments.  It is our school lives that enable us to grow into participating members of an exciting democracy whose social and technological advances continue to abound. 

In our school, good teaching, thorough learning and a love of ideas matter very much because the school, after the family, is the best and most productive environment in which humans grow, develop and flourish.

 And yet it is more than just schoolwork that we are working on.  Through the best academic experiences that we can provide, the role of our school is to fulfill the highest expectations of our society and that is the intellectual growth and social development of all our students to the highest possible level.


Yours in partnership,

Stephanie Busby